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Primary care services offered in Houston, TX

Having a trusted primary care provider means you know exactly who to call when you need a physical, care for illness, or help with an injury. At Luminance HBC medical clinic located in Houston, Texas, Dr Chinh Pham MD can be that primary care physician who provides health support for your entire family. Call today or use the online tool to book an appointment for your primary care needs. 


  • Annual Physicals 

  • Sports Physicals

  • Weight Loss Management

  • Well Women Exams (Pap smear, Breast Exams, Mammogram Orders)

  • Well Child Exams

  • Lab Services


What is primary care?

The branch of medicine known as primary care includes diagnosis and treatment of almost all diseases, illnesses, and injuries. A primary care doctor provides comprehensive, integrated care. They serve as your first line of support when you have symptoms of a health problem. They can assess you, treat you, and, if you have a complex problem, send you to a specialist if necessary. At Luminance HBC medical clinic, your primary care services include preventive care, sick care, and family care, including geriatrics. The providers monitor your health, treat and manage chronic disease, provide physicals, offer counseling, and support your overall well-being. Primary care involves health promotion, health maintenance, patient education, and disease prevention.

Why do I need a primary care provider?

A primary care provider offers a special level of care; they can address the vast majority of your health needs. As a primary care practice, Luminance HBC medical clinic provides care for chronic, acute, and preventive health needs. The primary care physician at Luminance HBC medical clinic are committed to our regular patients and keep track of their medical history. When you regularly see the same provider, you develop a deep doctor-patient relationship. This means you get better coordination of care and have support when working toward your health goals. If you should need hospitalization, your primary care provider is your advocate. They coordinate care while you’re in residence and when you get out to ensure you heal appropriately.

How should I choose a primary care provider?

Choose a primary care provider that is available for you. You also want someone you feel comfortable talking to. You want to feel like you can trust their recommendations and opinions. A good way to assess potential providers is to ask yourself the following questions:

Do you feel comfortable around them?

Do they communicate clearly?

Do they answer your questions?

Do they provide satisfactory treatment?

Are they board-certified?

Do they listen to you?

Doctor and friendly staffs at Luminance health and beauty clinic are family-oriented. The practice offers comprehensive care and welcomes all patients. Make your primary care appointment today to maintain your good health.

Physicals services offered in Houston, TX

Physicals assess your overall health even when you feel perfectly fine. Dr. Chinh Pham MD offer a wide variety of physicals to patients in Houston, Texas at Luminance HBC Medical Clinic. Whether you need your annual physical or a sport physical, you can call today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment. 


Physicals Q&A


Why are routine annual physicals important?

An annual physical is a time for you to visit the doctor when you’re NOT experiencing symptoms of another illness. This helps your provider understand your baseline of health, observe health trends, and identify any risk factors for disease. During your annual physical, the team at Luminance HBC Medical Clinic updates your medical records so your health report stays current. When you have regular physicals, it helps you avoid many common health problems. If you have risk factors, your doctor detects them at your exam and can help you reverse course to avoid complications.


How do physicals help with chronic disease?

Many chronic illnesses have no outward symptoms until they’ve reached a dire state. For example, Type 2 diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) don’t necessarily cause obvious signs that you notice; but your doctor can discover them through regular screenings. If you already have a chronic disease, regular physicals can help determine if your current treatment plan is effective and helps you avoid unnecessary complications. 


What happens during routine annual physicals?

A routine physical usually starts with a measure of your basic vitals, including blood pressure, height, weight, temperature, and oxygen saturation levels.You’ll be asked about your recent medical history and if there are any updates in symptoms, hospitalizations, or major illnesses or injuries. You’ll also answer questions about your lifestyle, including exercise, diet, smoking, and alcohol use. This is a good time to ask any questions or to raise any concerns you have about your health. Your provider then performs a comprehensive exam that includes looking at your heart and lungs, palpating your thyroid gland at your neck, and evaluating your muscle tone. They check your reflexes and evaluate your eyes, ears, and nose, too. Your doctor recommends lab tests, like blood sugar (glucose) and cholesterol screenings. If they find anything unusual during your screening, they may recommend other blood or urine tests. They order screenings that are appropriate for your age and health history, like mammograms or colonoscopy. If you’re due for any immunizations, the doctor ensures you’re up-to-date.


What special physicals are available?

Come to Luminance health & beauty clinic if you need specialized physicals, for your child’s school or to play on a sports team. The staff completes any necessary paperwork to get patients cleared for their activities. Call us at 281-942-6226 to schedule an appointment for your physical exam today.

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